sâmbătă, 27 septembrie 2008


I am soo speechless right now..all i can say is Yuhno is...

the perfect man ever

why the long face jae?

angels watching upon another angel...

aww look at her..she likes it xDD

peace yuhno..u are a good man indeed^_^

awww keoptaa(kawaii desu)^_^

TVXQ made one of their first television appearances in Korea via SBS Chocolate on the 27th.

The heart warming performances and displays of compassion towards Ye Eun, the blind piano prodigy, put the audience into tears.

Anyway, I'll let the photographs and videos below do the talking. God bless TVXQ for being so down to earth and caring, the gods are truly back.

remember this little angel?

Blind 5 year old Korean pianist backing a group of singers

here she is in the arms of yuhno...God loves her indeed

[tvxqs]080927 Changmin YunJae and Kid at "KimJeong-eun of chocolate"

B4 i go..dbsk says "BUY THE ALBUM!" dbsk loves u bye ^_^

credits:as tagged+2uangels

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