marți, 16 septembrie 2008

~ DBSK 4th korean album +Mirotic teaser+Caps ~

"On the 24th Dong Bang Shin Gi’s title track ‘주문 (MIROTIC)’ which is a Reverse beat dance track will be released. It shares the same polished melody and toxicity as BoA’s American debut track, “Eat You Up” since it’s been composed by the same Remee/Troelsen team.

Beginning in 2007, the 4th album had been in the works, but this January Dong Bang Shin Gi were able to decide on 주문(MIROTIC) to represent their new image.

The choregraphy of 주문(MIROTIC) is by Kenny Wormald who’s also worked with pop stars Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera.

MIROTIC, the subtitle of 주문(MIROTIC) is a newly coined term that combines the Korean MIRO (미로) and the English, TIC. "

Whoaa they've been working on it for a year! It must be a huge succes then keke xDD looking forward for it all of u neh? ^_^

TVXQ/DBSK 4th album - mirotic - Teaser mv

Mirotic Caps

Source: Newsen


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