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[2008.07.27] Kimpo Airport+Broadcast date A-nation 2008 +Music Fair Caps

Our boys are leaving Japan so quick? ^^
And something that I did notice...they are smiling...^_^

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[Info] Broadcast date A-nation 2008

Date: Saturday, September 27 - 8:00 pm

J-POP representative by the Big artists, the strongest record of events "a-nation"
Starring artist
First announced in tan TRF, Every Little Thing, haengjeonrae hicheuji, ohohcheuka child, Ami Suzuki, Big Bang, AAA
second EXILE, SEAMO, mihimaru GT, Namie Amuro,
third announcement COLOR, Ayumi Jockeys Hama, hitomi, My Little Lover, Miura exceptional wisdom, men and Remy Oro
since the year 2002, more than 200,000 people annually, in the past six years in the aggregate more than 2 million people mobilized,
Already this summer's event at this time is not hugely popular
among the tour this year in the seventh to live outdoors.

This event done eight performances ,
August 30 to 31 performances at the Tokyo Stadium,
the appearance of the motto no Hydrangea Hi-Vision is passed.

Live performance artist !!!
who expect luxury hot!

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Tras: usagi@tvxqperú

Music fair 21 caps
JaeJoong is gorgeous ^_^
Flying hearts everywhere

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