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~SM Live concert +4th album release +UFO replies+dorky pics~

SM LIVe concert on August 15th, 2008

Going to four cities the "SM Town Live 2008" is a large-scale music festival that will last 5 hours. The four cities are Korea (Seoul), China (Beijing & Shanghai), Thailand (Bangkok).

The first show is at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul, it is on from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The auction for the tickets will on July 15th at 8:00 pm at

The 4th album release is set for September 2008

TVXQ is now currently busy recording songs for the new album. Fans have been spotting them in and out of SM Entertainment’s office for the past weeks. Reportedly, TVXQ will be releasing a Korean version of their Japanese song Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara (As We Kissed Goodbye), which was written and composed by TVXQ members, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong collaborated on this song.

Indeed, TVXQ is becoming better and better as they grow with their music. They have proved that they deserve more than be called “idols” in Korea. And we already know that they have become more than that.

UFO replies (gotta love them)

Fan: If you reply, I will meet you at the bar naked...
JJ: Wo~ I'll see you there~
^ JJ^ , ur such a perv....xD

Fan: Oppa! I did something regretful! I bought a purse but now I have to sell it back for half price! Crying~
YH: Do not cry ah~ ^-^ Such a beautiful face, don't stain it with tears! Fighting~

Fan: I am oppa's fan. (Male fan)
CM: Lord ah~ Lord ah~

Fan: I am a genius to be writing this: oppa is stupid!!
YC: The recipient of this message is stupid!!

Fan: Dating! Dating! Dating! You two are really dating aren't you? (Yunjae Fan)
JJ: Dating... ah~ I can't say
JJ: (a little while after his first reply) Oppa has already made a date with Yunho-yah~!!

Fan: Please cook.
YC: For who to eat?

Fan: Darling, what are you doing?
CM: We don't have a member named 'darling'.

Fan: Shim Changmin! You are too much! I've added spices!
CM: I'm not that easy to pick on!!!

Fan: (Picture of Changmin) Have you seen this man?
CM: No I haven't.
Fan: He is my husband, how can you have not seen him?
Changmin: I haven't, and this man isn't married yet.

[Following messages were written in English]
Fan: Shall we make a baby?
Changmin: No comment.
Fan: DONG BANG!!! The reason of my existence!!!! SHIN KI!!! TVXQ is my life!!!
CM: GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!! The reason of my existence!!!! GIRL!!! Girl is my life!!! You may know

Short interview

Q: What game do you like playing recently?
JS: Recently, I like playing [Warcraft]

Q: What kind of game is it?
CM: AH~ It's not very popular in Japan
JS: It really trains your mind, and you need to be very good in hand-eye co-ordination
JJ: I see. It sounds boring. *laughs*

Q: Were you playing [Warcraft]? Alone?
JS: Not alone
JJ: You were alone, YOU WERE ALONE!!
JS: I was playing with someone far away, because it's an online game
CM: Online?? *laughs*
JS: I called all my friends on, and were playing online together, so it's alright *laughs*

Q: I was a little surprised
CM: He's sleep talking
JS: No, recently, I've been thinking about the problems the world is facing, and the future…
CM: Because of this, the other member's have been worrying about Junsu's future! *laughs* (T/N: Implying Junsu's going mad )
JJ: HAHA, that'’s true *laughs*
JS: And, what kind of person I must become ( <- Definitely going to die) (T/N: That was by the magazine) CM: What kind of person will Junsu become? This question is really worrying! *laughs* Translated by: Sparkskey

Some dorky pics micky and JJ


credits:OSTVXQ + angelynatvxq@syg +dnbn+toocutedoggy

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