sâmbătă, 5 iulie 2008

Rumour of DBSK Disband And 4th album

"TVXQ will release their 4th korea album soon. Whether they will overcome this five years curse(means five years of releasing album as a group, i guess), depends on this album. IF their album selling result is not more than Super Junior album selling result, they will have to face this curse, which means have to disband. In the first place SM wanna train and promote Super Junior and Girls Generation into a very popular group, as cassiopeia is such a big fanclub, that makes it more difficult.(Think that is what the message means). So, cassiopeia, it's time to be united. Next year album selling result will affect TVXQ fate. Please spread this news to all the Cassiopeia that no matter what, next year album we must support. This have spead not only on korea, but also in china and malaysia. Hope all cassiopeia cooperate. Love them, must support them."

Credits: 东方神起--仙后家族 foreverTVfXQ(CYWORLD)

I don't know what to say about this...I just hope Cassiopeia will support them more than ever...

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