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~A sad love story~

I found this sad story so i just copy+paste it here hope all fans can learn something from this!

Hi everyone I am new in this gruop (yoroshkoune) ^^ !!
this is my first topic so i wish everyone to comment i will appreciate it
I heard this story from one of my closest friends ...
well here it goes
one day we (my friend and i !~~of course) were discussing music bands and definitely most of the time about dbsk, then suddenly she was like" ohhh I must tell about this story, it is really sad" and i freaked out Image i thought that something bad has happened to one of them (dbsk) but ehhw Image it was not thank God. anyway
she continued 'did not you heard of the girl who was so desperate in love with jaejoong ,she was so obssessed with him and she wanted to meet him no matter what (not from korea i guess) but her situation got complicated to the point she felt so hopeless Image she left a kind of symbolic message then killed her self Image and my friend even showed me the message so i thought you all should read it and comment ~~ we cried after reading it ,i dont know why but we somehow felt her pain , poor girl Image ( i want to confirm that i am not100% sure if it was true or not , this is what i have been told of so do not go wild on me Image )
here is the letter

''what can i do if i see my own future ,dreams and hopes crumble before my eyes......
feeling betrayed ,lost and helpless
just as everything is turning upside down
and on the other side i see you living happily thoughtless of me
the one who loves you so deerly
how can you know me when i did not even have the chance of meeting you or conveying
my emotions to you
i dont blame you
i blame no one but my self who has got the dare to get to know you
my self who betrayed me and stabbed me from behind
i have told her not to fall in love with you
to not ever fall in love with the unreachable
but she could not resist the power of the heart
and now that i have fallen into the deep deep dark whole of the impossible love
with no way out
now the dawn has come and i am blind to the rays of light
my restless self starts to give in and my heart beats despair
i have tried so hard but everytime i failed
my soul is empty
it was eager to love
thirsty for happiness
now trapped down cant even fly
cant smile
cant see
cant dream
cant live
for eternity in this liveless prison without you
what can i do if i will never meet you
if i know that i will never and ever meet you
what can i tell my heart
the one craving for you
do i just give up
give in my last love
given in my last dream
given in my self
my last self
then what
living as told
what i normally should do
the way i supposed to live
like every one else
there is nothing special about me
and you.......
but you are so special to me
i want to be the one you love
the one you need
the one you believe in
the one you desire
i need your love
but the truth is
you do not need my love
i am just wasting my love on you
i always tell my self that
but she did not even listen to me
until she loses everything
and she has lost.....
nothing is left to say
lots are left to do
and i
i cant even
not now
not ever..............''

so what do you think people and lover of dbsk, Image i wonder what jaejoong would say if he knew of this .... Image
Jae would be sad if he learned about this. He would blame himself. Let's all remember that they shouldn't be the center of our life. It's alright if you love them and I do, too. But they can never be our life or anybody in that matter. We are for ourselves, we should live because we want to. Part of us can live because of them but we can't die solely because of them. It's sad when somebody commit suicide just for significant other, artist or not. We shouldn't take our life easily. It is what important, and maybe they don't know us but they do know that's someone far away from them loves them. It's just that we can't and should never live because of them. There's still a lot in life other than them...

EDIT: Let's just appreciate their music and maybe one day you'll get the chance to talk to them.

^I have a nice quote about this:"I love u so much i wouldn't die for you,but i would live for you every day of my entire life!"


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