vineri, 18 iulie 2008

~Schedule+KBS rehearsal+Pics of the new PB+UFO replies+Jae Joong talks about Minnie~


7 / 24 (Thu) Music Japan

7 / 26 (Sat) Music Fair- EXILE appearance too

7 / 26 (Sat) CDTV

7 / 29 (Tue) The M

8 / 4 (April) HEY HEY HEY!!!

This is my last post for this week..i'm going on a trip sooo see you nexto week ue kyang kyang^^
I'll miss u all my HG,oh my daily doses of dbsk:( that's it i'm done.bye!!


infinity awesomeness^^

he is so flawless in this pic ^_^

credits:asianfanatics+toocutedoggy+as tagged

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