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~CF Anycall +Micky&Harang Vogue Pet Magazine~

The Cfs Anycall are finally out so here they are :

Haptic Blue - Jaejoong and Jihyeon

Haptic Pink - Yunho, Junsu and Jihyeon

Haptic White - Yucheon, Changmin and Jihyeon

Micky and Harang

Awwww...they are so sweet...love them

[Trans]Vogue Pet magazine

Harang means ‘Love from God’. September this year will be Harang’s first birthday. I really liked puppies since I was a young kid, but because I was allergic to dog fur, I couldn’t rear a puppy then. However, on a certain night last year, I went somewhere else to play (T/N: Referring to a place outside Korea) and played with a puppy.
Yet I didn’t have an allergic reaction at all. After 10 years, even the landscape can change, not to mention the human constitution! Therefore, I really wanted to have a dog, so I got myself a puppy.When I first saw Harang in a pet shop, the expression in it’s eyes was different from all other dogs (It was like a human expression) so I brought him home. When Harang was young, there were roundworms as long as mechanical pencils in its stomach (It was disgusting!) I frequented the animal hospital with him daily. When Harang was sick, my heart hurt too. However, he became healthier after that, now, whenever I’m lonely (My parents are overseas, therefore, I often feel lonely), Harang became the family and friend who gave me the greatest comfort. Although Harang looks like a intimidating boy, I’d give my Harang full marks for cuteness/acting cute. He often seems to have this illusion that he has a small body, and he’s extremely lovable when he gently wags his tail or when he uses his 2 paws to cover his face when he’s in my arms. He even participated in the Seoul Pet Dog Exhibition and clinched the ‘King of the Best’ prize in the exhibition. Harang, a star’s pet dog! When I bring him on walks, many people recognize him, I think he’s going to be more famous than me. Harang-ah! Let’s continue living like this for a long time; as friends, lovers and family!-

Micky Yoochun TVXQ Singer

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits: Mickyfan
Pic credits:Mickyhouse+dnbn

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