vineri, 25 iulie 2008

DBSK on Music Japan+signing poster+ Ray september 2008 issue interview

Hey there guys...
Our boys sang Doushite on MUSIC JAPAN
If you wanna see it here it is:

The boys signing "Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?" poster!

Songs of BoA,TVXQ! and Shinhwa featured in Korean language textbooks!

K-pop hits of BoA, TVXQ!, Shinhwa, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Dong-gun will be featured in Korean language textbooks! A series of educational DVDs entitled "Learning Korean through Songs" use K-pop music videos to make learning Korean more fun. In August, a DVD will be released featuring hit songs like TVXQ's "Hug," BoA's "No.1," Shinhwa's "Deep Sorrow," Lee Byung-hun's "Tears," Lee Dong-gun's "Hoping that My Wish Touches the Sky," Fly to the Sky's "Missing You," SG Wannabe's "In My Life," and "Crime and Punishment."

credit:Pops in Seoul@Arirang

Ray september 2008 issue interview(JJ's part)

Credits:as tagged + tvxqindo

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