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The Neighbor *FIC* by Chase

Attention everyone!
So today is a big day for our friend Chase.She decided to write a very nice fic about our boys.
I honestly read myself the first chapter and it's just LOVE!
Be gentle with her because it's her first fic...Just let us know your opinion...

Here it is:

(A/N: the boys do not belong to me. Now while I try to be consistent with the actual timetable of DBSK as much as possible, I had to alter the happenings a bit for the sake of the story… again, THIS IS FICTION, be gentle with it. ^^)


When 21-year-old Charlie moved to Seoul, South Korea to start afresh, she never expected to have it easy; she didn’t know the language, wasn’t used to the culture. She shouldn’t worry though; all she wanted was a new lease in life and a quiet one at that.

But when she found out that she lived next door to the biggest singing group in Asia, all hopes for a peaceful existence went down the drain, and things took an alarming turn for the worse. Or did it?

Having them as friends put her in a position she really didn’t want to be in, but these five boys seemed as lonely and in need of real friendship as she did. And as for that guy named Yoochun, well…

Charlie didn’t want to examine how she felt about him yet. Or maybe ever.

Dong Bang Shin Ki was the best thing that ever happened to Park ‘Micky’ Yoochun. But being part of the most celebrated singing group in the continent had its consequences, too. The bright lights became too harsh, and the eyes that followed them everywhere were scrutinizing their every move more than ever.

Then a new tenant moved in their apartment complex; and her mere presence reminded him of memories in America that he would rather forget. Before he knew it, she was in their lives, and soon he realizes that all he was doing was trying to convince himself that he didn’t like it.

What now?


Charlie stumbled forward, suddenly conscious of the faded, ripped jeans she wore and her vintage Coke shirt. I must look like a beggar to them, she thought, catching one of the older women looking at her with disapproval.

"A-ahneonghaseyeoh," she stammered, hating the way her voice trembled. "Sorry, that's about the only Korean I know." No reaction. "Uh, thanks for coming tonight, and it's nice to meet you all."

She looked around her audience, and there was a collective murmur of friendly welcome from them. Her eyes eventually went back to the guy with the baseball cap and his companions, and they were smiling their greeting cordially, if not too formally.

"You can take a seat there," Uncle Jun suddenly stage-whispered at her, pointing at the empty seat at the front.

Right beside baseball cap guy.

Mystery guy must've understood what was happening, because he was looking at her again, and this time she could see what was in his almond-shaped eyes.

A challenge?

What's so challenging about sitting beside him? she wondered, trying to ignore the eyes that were following her as she walked to the seat Uncle Jun indicated. Maybe she was taking it the wrong way. She used to be good at reading people's expressions.

"Hi," she greeted him, sounding as friendly as she could. Shouldn't be provoking people in my first night here.

"Welcome to Korea," baseball cap guy suddenly greeted her back.

In English. With an American accent.


His love for music, his attachment to it that ran deeply—too deeply, was slowly pulling him apart. Lately the music that had brought Dong Bang Shin Ki together, the authorities behind it and the support that kept it going are mixing together into a heap of confusion; a love-hate combination that left him exhausted and defeated.

When did music begin to feel like a job?

The endless shows, promotions, filming. Yoochun was aware that he should be thankful for the seemingly endless offers that were coming their way, individually and as a group. And he is. He knew they were crucial parts of being a celebrity.

Celebrity. The word was starting to taste bitter on his tongue.

He almost snickered. He didn’t think he’ll be going through this phase; having everything and yet feeling as if something was missing. Only protagonists in the cheesy romance films that Junsu loved so much should be experiencing these conflicting emotions.

But unfortunately, Park Yoochun felt a multitude of feelings. And those conflicting ones were dominating a huge percentage of it.

He closed his eyes, remembering the constant dream that he’s been having during the rare times that he actually fell asleep these past few days.

Almost instantly, his chest constricted at the now familiar pain of heart break.

I can’t hear you.”

There was no response. She stood there at the other side of the road, silent.

“Say anything. Even if it’s a lie, I don’t care!”

She started walking away, as if she never heard a word.

“Say something, anything! Tell me lies if that’s what will make me hear you…”

She stopped, and then turned to face him. Her mouth opened and moved, but no words came out.

Yoochun could only watch her helplessly. “Please…”

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Chapter 2...Coming up...*I'm curious too*

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