marți, 15 iulie 2008

~Weider jelly nutritional~

Finally, members TVFXQ UIDA in your favorite flavor of jelly you have the choose me round!

Yoo Chun said, "like all" while saying the grapefruit-flavored MARUCHIBITAMININ in hand.

YUNHO JUNSU she has "all you're good," while Preliminaries, flavored yogurt in UIDA ZERIPUROTEININ started drinking.

JEJUN said, Muscat-in-flavored energy choices.

Chang Min said, "I like orange flavors!" In April for the second time in the new fiber.

"I also can not eat just to cover the nutrient supply to UIDA well in jelly, please! Today thank you" (Saito registered dietitian)
"Thank you for it!" (5)

Yes, I live here tomorrow. But after the cameras stopped立たずseat, sitting in cool jelly UIDA continue to take YUNHO said. JEJUN, Mr. Yoo Chun, who will continue CHUUCHUU and drinking. UIDA in hand, Saito teacher a question about nutrition JEJUN's figure. And, Chang Min, who had been drinking the UIDA ZERIPUROTEININ in addition to the MARUCHIMINERARUIN立ちましたalso have a seat.

In summer, at the height of a-nation, but whether he wanted UIDA in乗り切っwith jelly. Rooting for you! TVFXQ everyone, I really thank you!

Tight 40-minute training TVFXQ to thank everyone who has a special taste RIKABARIAPPUPUROTEINPICHI UIDA the drink as a beverage. Consumption of energy supply and fatigue in this RIKABARIAPPU is effective. Well, that's all at once after drinking the valve!
The five centers, "KANPAI!"
"Very good!" To say that while I gulp and quickly sent me a drink.
"Peach flavor! Peaches, I love it!" JUNSU said. I like the way I'm glad MORAETA.
Will be held outdoors and a-nation, the strength of heat exhaustion and is expected to intensify. But live, as soon as possible to take this RIKABARIAPPU the next day and the degree of fatigue and very strange style come. But after strenuous exercise NODO spoke to a refreshing drink and get a taste, so this event!

This year's stage, even more than the usual excitement to the expectations! Good luck, please! TVFXQ YUNHO of Mr. Chan Ming-san, JEJUN, Mr. Yoo Chun-san, who JUNSU, I have a long-term relationship between Thank you very much!
お疲れ様. How was this year's menu?
a-nation ahead, I had a good sweat ITADAKETA I think the impression that you actually were?
"Last year it was high-level (laughs)" ('s JEJUN)
"(Price) is high and equipment without any training I can do this!" (JUNSU's)
"It should not be space without training, so when you have time to do what I please. Thank you very much for today" (Sato TORENINGUKOCHI)
"Yes! Thank you!" (5)

Slightly different from last year and is training hard, but until last絶やさずsmile, and seriously work on his TVFXQ everyone reallyお疲れ様!
This training tired to leave tomorrow for the last beverage available in the Special!


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